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Our children are the greatest assets we have for creating a better world. I do not subscribe to the theory that “The children are the future”, rather I believe they are the now, the today and we need to do things differently today to ensure they have a better future. A future where they are growing up healthy and unburdened with chronic diseases such as diabetes, ADHD, obesity, cancers, etc. A future filled with love for themselves and each other, compassion for the planet that sustains our life and dreams that inspire the world.

Through years of research and study, I have developed a powerful body of work titled “Nutrition and Behaviour: How Food Affects Our Children” that I have been sharing in the school system for a number of years now. Whether it is for the students, teachers or parents this presentation will create a paradigm shift in the way we understand the health of our food, our mind and body.

I would love to come speak in your classroom, at your parent nights or for a ProD day. The presentation is designed to be delivered in many formats from a classroom talk to a full day workshop.

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