Food heals. Here’s proof.

I have witnessed, over and over again, the extraordinary healing power of whole food that comes from bio-dynamic, organic, ethical, and sustainable systems. We need to reconnect differently with our food and the systems that produce our food. Our daily food choices impact our personal health and the planet’s health.

I hope these stories inspire you to learn more, make better choices, and spread the word.

I reversed disease!

“After being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in 2010, I finally woke up. For years, I slipped in and out of alcoholism and various addictions. And I weighed – at my heaviest – a whopping 365 pounds! I smoked cigars, had mood swings, and endured fatigue. My wife, Francesca, pleaded with me to consider the affect my health was having – on me and our family.

My mother sent me a documentary called Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days on a Raw Food Diet. At first, I dismissed it as impossible. But with some convincing from my wife, a juicer from OrganicLives, and a personal consultation with Preet, I agreed to a 30-day juicing challenge.

Within two months I was off my diabetes medication and down to 225 pounds. I was exercising, eating healthy, and taking care of my mind, body, and soul.

As soon as I started to eat this way, I realized you are what you eat. And I am healthy.”

– Darren

I fought colon cancer & won!

“I met Preet shortly after being diagnosed with late stage III/stage IV colon cancer. I had undergone 10 months of chemotherapy on a grape-fruit-sized tumour. When it was over, a second tumour had developed. Zero progress.

I had spent my life up until my diagnosis eating for pleasure. I had a meat and potatoes diet at restaurants. So when Preet recommended raw food to reverse my cancer diagnosis, it was a big leap for me.

Almost immediately, I started feeling better. Chemo made me feel stupid and sluggish. Eating this way helped me recover some of myself.

I lost about 35 pounds in three months – all while enduring chemotherapy. After 7 months, the tumour was gone and only a few active cancer cells remained. My doctors were incredibly surprised.

Stage IV cancer is terminal. I had stage IV. Working with Preet and changing my diet gave me and my family hope again.”

– Mike

I found my spark

“I met Preet when I was in a rut. I was an athlete with a string of injuries that set me back – broken bones, torn cartilage, herniated discs. I had chronic pain for 3 years – always trying to recover from it but never fully doing it. I was also a workaholic – working 7 days a week, 16 hour days for years. And I was, by all accounts, burnt out – 20 pounds overweight, totally exhausted, and run down.

I was a Processed Food Vegetarian who ate on the go – all the time. My workout routine was stalled by chronic pain. I felt stuck.

My chiropractor recommended Preet to me and I was instantly enamoured – by his wisdom, his philosophy, his care, and his passion. I started a 30-day raw food plan and within a week, I was sharper at work, I was stronger on the track, and I was happier. I had incredible momentum. I texted Preet with questions. He passionately answered – always happy to educate.

Two years later, I eat a 90% raw food diet. I make my own juices. I dehydrate. I celebrate food. I run trail races. My chronic pain is a mere dull ache. My business is thriving.

Preet changed my life. I’m going to live to be 107. No doubt.”

– Kim


I have more energy

“I am very pleased with Preet’s juice program. I have such a busy schedule and don’t always eat as well as I should. This gives me nutrients I know I was missing and is making a big difference in how I feel…I have more energy and would recommend his program to anyone who wants to feel better and be healthier!”

– Anne Chalmers

I have a new, healthier relationship with food!

“I listened to my inner voice when I saw the notice for Cooking with Preet. I knew that I wanted to make some changes in order to maintain good health. Preet is inspiring. He moves me to adopt some forward actions and a new relationship with food. The classes are filled with nutritional information, cooking techniques/methods, chopping, tasting and sampling the foods we all prepare. All this in a setting that is open, bright and welcoming. The classes have exceeded my expectations. A great journey.”

– Kathy Anderson