Giving Back

The single most important aspect of my life is sewa (selfless service) or giving back to our communities. There is an energy that we create in acts of giving that is not as easily expressed in words as it is felt in the experience. I know many of you have felt this energy in your own lives and it remains at the forefront of our mind, as a constant reminder of the power of giving.

Many years ago I learned that the true power of love is not in receiving it rather in the giving of love. Creating change for me works in the same way…I cannot wait to receive the change I wish to see in the world, I must give the world the change I wish to see.

Of the thousands of hours that I given back over the years the most important and memorable moments have come in the classrooms and schools. As a result, we have an incredible breakfast program for schools to help bring in pure organic nutrition to the children who are most in need, giving them an opportunity to learn on a healthfully fed body and mind. If your school may benefit from such a program please talk to us to see how we may work together to create brighter healthier future for our children by giving them love and nourishment today!