Hello, I am Preet.

When I was a little boy, my grandmother instilled in me a love of fresh, whole food …never processed, out of a can or a box. As a teenager, I ran a kitchen in our local temple that fed 500 people at a time. In my 20’s I was the guy ‘volunteered’ to cook for friends, and loved to experiment with how food looked, tasted and felt in your mouth – and still do! Like many youth, I began eating junk food and happily obliviously lived an unhealthy life.  Until I got sick. Really sick.

After a year and a half of lethal drug cocktails, and a diagnosis of impending death, I set out to heal myself. Inspired by John Robbins’ Diet For A New America, I changed what I ate and how I thought about food, and shocked my doctor’s just a year later with a clean bill of health.  I also found my purpose: to change the world by reconnecting people with their food.Since then, I’ve immersed myself in all things food—from nutrition to molecular science—and studied its journey from farm to table.  I’ve witnessed the healing power of pure, whole food working with clients struggling with acute or chronic illnesses, or wanting to improve their health or athletic performance. I know that everything we eat either improves our health or degrades it.  It also affects the health of our planet.

Make the connection for a better world

I believe that our future is dependent on making a paradigm shift about how we think about our food. When we trace where our food is grown, processed, shipped and packaged, we see how mainstream food systems contribute to every serious social issue we face today: poverty, hunger, obesity, diabetes, cancer, deforestation, water pollution, soil erosion.  We truly can make a better world simply by making informed choices guided by love, compassion, integrity, justice, honesty and courage.

A better way for our children

It’s hard to justify a lot of things we do – including what we eat – when we live through that lens. These values are especially needed by our children who will otherwise grow up seeing through a lens of fear, competition and power; and believing that success only happens at the expense of others. We can show them a better way.

It’s simple: food has to look good, taste good and make you feel good.

Join me and I’ll show you how.